Getting started

Travelling by train across Europe usually requires a train ticket.

With this API you will be able to search, book and pay for a train ticket and enjoy watching the landscapes by the window.

Below is the set of API calls you will need to do to get your ticket.

Description API Repeat?
Search for train stations GET /stations Call this operation as many times as needed to find your origin and destination train stations
Lookup train schedules and ticket availability GET /trips As many calls as necessary, you will provide both the origin and destination station IDs and a traveling date
Make your booking POST /bookings Usually one booking is enough. But if you want to organize your next holidays you may book as many tickets as you like
Issue your ticket by paying POST /bookings/{bookingId}/payment One payment per booking is enough to receive your ticket

Happy traveling!

You can optionally subscribe to a webhook to receive updates about your bookings.